Monday, August 27, 2018

How to make an interesting website | Quantum IT Innovation

Steps to make your boring website an interesting piece of art

Everybody needs to have an astounding site. We need to have the capacity to 'amaze individuals when they go to our sites. We focus on they should love our website so much they'll return and do word of mouth for us or nothing else if just a suggestion.

You must have the capacity to make an essential site that can, in any case, keep your watcher's consideration. There is the various way you can go through this but I have made a complete list of activities you can perform to make an amazing website which stands out in the crowd.

1. Add animation 

when you where the child the only thing that made you excited is the cartoons they make you laugh and bring the creative animal of your outside, similarly apply that same thing in your website add animation in headers section, while showing your products, in the entry of the website homepage and in loads of a new page but always keep in mind never forget about the effects of animation.

its make web pages heavy and lazy which leads to decrease in webpage loading and before even coming to your website customer will move away. Use tool like w3 rocket plug-in.

2. Add images  and videos 

Images and videos have a great impact on our brain and are able to convey any message better and fastly why not to add a flavor it in your content like 

  1. images of the product in a different angle
  2. Images of customer 
  3. video testimonials of customers 
  4. video  

When writing any blog add images in between and to make your blog a bit interesting. 

3. website should have the amazing design

Give a thought when you decide upon how will be the design of your new house you are a bit conscious about it and a lot of research going on where will the rooms and what the convenient way for every member of the house.

Similarly, when deciding upon the website design think of your customers what will be convenient for them focus on
  1. Header menus
  2. elements of the home page
  3. Lead generation form
  4. Images and videos location

To get a good inspiration on website design see the portfolio of they are one of the emerging website development companies which have mastered the art of amazing website design. see one of the best examples of their recent work on a hypnosis website and a beauty website

4. Take the inspiration- 

every year there are billions of website born some of them are trying new and interesting things to make an impression on a customer by giving an amazing website experience to them so if you feeling empty with creative thoughts so just simply Google it, is SEO will give you the suggestion of best website designs.

Just use the keywords in the search bar related to your industry and get a bucket full of ideas that you can simply replicate in your boring website.


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