Friday, October 18, 2019

6 Tips to Create SEO Friendly Content in 2020

Use proper headlines

Your headline is the key to your article. Use the headline that is related to your article. Majority of people read the article because of the headline.
You should read the relevant and popular magazines and books in your industry.
Why I am saying that because those popular magazines give you an idea which type of headline is performing well. Analyze those magazines and brainstorm which headline suits best for your article.
Make unique and eye-catchy headlines. It is also applicable to your sub-headers; your sub-headers should also provide the relevant information.
Making a good and relevant headline boosts your SEO. How? Because not only the user can understand it better, but it is also applicable to the search engine robots. When crawling through your website, they’ll understand your headings and use them to understand better your content, like which portion of your content is most relevant with the query and so on.

Proper keyword selection

Identify the keywords that are relevant to your topic and then embed in your content. You can use Ubbersuggest, Keyword, keyword everywhere, and keyword shitter to find out the keywords that are relevant to your topic. You will also get content ideas. Agencies like SEO service or professional SEO have advanced online tools and hence, can help you to rank your website better on Google.  
First, identify all the keyword relevant to your topic, note them and embed them in your content.
Use the keyword that you want to rank on and embed them in your Meta title, Meta description, title tag, ALT tag and on the main body of your content.

Optimize images

Embedding good quality and relevant images in your content not only makes it engaging, but it also makes it interesting and shareable. Taking professional SEO services optimize not only your text but also provides good quality images.
You can also add keywords to optimize your images and providing the ALT tags.
The size of the image that you upload also plays an important role in ranking make sure that the size of photos should not be too large as it will take more time by the search engine to load your image and hence it can affect your ranking.
Make sure that you should only compress the size of the image and not quality. Many tools are available that can decrease the size of the image without degrading the quality of the image.

Optimize the length of article

Google has now changed its algorithm; a few years ago, it considers the number of posts as the ranking factor. More the post more the traffic.
Google has now given priority to longer and higher quality content. An article of length 1500 or more has high chance of ranking. The aim is to provide the best and quality answers to its users.
You should check your Google analytics report and check which old post has created the highest engagement and which are the most visited, try to improve them also.

Internal linking

Internal linking is the link to the previous content of the same website.
The Search engine also considers the number of backlinks as the ranking factor, whether it is external or internal. A digital marketing agency that provides NJ seo services helps in taking quality backlinks.
Internal linking is the best way to drive traffic on your older content, if you post new content or article, then don’t forget to link the older content. By this way, you are helping your audience as well as search engine robots to find your best articles.
Good content is likely to get a lot of backlinks. If possible then also links to a good quality website, reputable website as it will increase the authority of your website.

Quality content

Remember, quality is more important than quantity. Don’t provide irrelevant information just to increase the length of the article. Try to make your content interesting and engaging, and the best way to engage your audience is to provide useful information, provide the information that adds value to their lives.
You can take reference from another website of your niche and avoid copy-pasting because of Google easily understands the plagiarism and would not rank your article.
Also, try to add facts and figures as it will increase your audience's trust if possible, add some fun or entertaining part also. An Agency that provides professional SEO services can help you to solve this problem.

Sunday, September 8, 2019



Here are the top 7 SEO points that helps you on the top of website development game and better ranking in search engine.
1.  Accurate page titles and descriptions
·   Each page should have a unique page title that accurately describes the page’s  content.
·     Be brief and descriptive.
·     Proper page titles help the user to understand what the page is about.
The title for your homepage includes the name of your website and other important information like the physical location of your business.

2. SEO friendly URLs

·     Make your URLs simple and easy to understand for users and search engines
·     To separate the words make use hyphens [-]
·     Avoid keyword stuffing
·     Use the proper words to describe your page

Examples of BAD URL
Examples of GOOD URL

3. Set of links or Breadcrumbs

·     It is a set of links at the top of the page that support navigation. In Wordpress, there are many plugins which are free available free to create breadcrumbs.
·     You should have a breadcrumb trail on all your internal pages.

4. Internal links

It is a very important factor for website SEO.
·       Use keyword anchor text for linking related articles together or by using the full article title.
·       Links should be useful for both the user and easy to understand by search engines.
·       Avoid making too many internal linking. Create links that are important.

5. Broken links or 404 page

404 page is the page shown when a user is looking for a page on your site that doesn’t exist or follows a broken link.
A properly configured broken link or 404 pages should include:
·       Give some information to the user of what happened to that page rather than displaying “Not found”
·       Have design consistent with the rest of the website
·       Give other options to the user to navigate to other pages of the site.

6. Image Optimization

·     Use proper keywords in image filenames.  Use the Alt Tag to describe the image.
·     Use the Alt tag to describe the image.
·     Optimize the image size. Smaller the size of image the faster it will load.

7. Page loading speed

The speed of the page plays an important role in ranking the website. The faster your page load the better is ranking.
How you can increase your page speed?
·  Remove unnecessary javascript and in case of WordPress removes unnecessary plug-ins. SEO
·     Use plug-ins like W3Total in Wordpress.
·     You can use Google Page Speed Service to check the page speed of your website and analyze the changes that Google suggests.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Digital Marketing tools to grow your business

Digital Marketing tools to grow your business

Nowadays Digital Marketing is very essential to grow your business. Before going any further about Digital Marketing, here is a definition of Digital Marketing.

"Digital Marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital platforms, or you can say create your business presence online"

When it comes to Digital Marketing you have to look everything about your business. Like which is the best way to promote your business online and which is the best platform for your business to get more deals.

So in this case, you should also know about Digital Marketing tools which are very important.

Digital Marketing tools by strategy:-

  1. Search engine optimization
  2. Content creation
  3. Email marketing
  4. Website analytics
  5. Customer services
Search engine optimization (seo)

Search engine optimization is one of the most important parts of  Digital Marketing. With the help of seo, you can promote your business online in specific keywords.

Here are few best tools for keyword research
  1. SEMrush(paid)
  2. Ahref (paid)
  3. Moz Pro(paid)
  4. Ubbersuggest(free)
  5. Google keyword planner(free)

You have to find keywords in the following terms.

·         Search for a list of relevant keywords related to your business & product.
·         Chooses keywords with high search volume and low difficulty (competition)
·         Select your business product primary and secondary keywords wisely
·         With the help of these tools to identify your competitor's keywords are ranking for
Content creation:
Making new and unique content is the first priority of every association. There are various tools which help in making new and the most proficient content for the business.

There are hundreds of tools are available on the internet for content creation. Here are few best tools for content creation.
  • Canva
  • Animaker
  • Infogram
  • Visme

These content creation tools allow you to 
·         Create logo, poster, social media cover, flyer, etc.
·         Create unique infographics which represent your business
·         Easily make a postcard, invitation card, etc.
Email marketing:
Email is one of the most effective marketing channels in terms of generating Return of investment (ROI)
·         Marketo
·         Mail chimp
·         Hub spot
·         Send in blue
These tools allow you to
·         Send bulk emails to the target audience
·         Create and send content designed for specific segments campaigns, segment contacts, and send transactional emails and create workflows,
·         Access Hundreds of email templates, list management
·         Email tracking with fully detailed insights
·         Setup email delivery based on schedule
Website analytics:

  • Website analytics tools help you to keep track of all the activities that are taking place on your website.
  •   Google analytics
  •  Adobe analytics

These tools allow you to 

·         Real-time report on website
·         Visitor staying time on site
·         Location real-time report
·         Which keyword your website on ranking

·         Identify the location of your website visitors
·         Track engagement of users (like bounce rate, average session duration, etc.
·         Gives you report a ratio of new visitors to the visitors returning to your website
·         Track organic traffic
·         Track your goals (like conversions)

·        Optimize your website and channel according to the performance report
Customer service:
There are hundreds of customer service tools which provide great help in providing the proper customer services at the right time.
Let’s check out some of the best Customer service tools:-
·         Live chat
·         Sumo
·         Zen desk
This tool makes easy to approach the customers on your site. The chatbox that placed on your website helps many customers who are visiting your website for the first time, by answering their FAQ and inquires

So these are the best Digital Marketing tools to grow your business.

Hope this helps!

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

How Bounce rate affect the website

The percentage of visitors that left the website from the page of the entry (Landing Page) without visiting any other page of the website. The bounce rate is an extremely important website performance metric that captures the overall user experience. The bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visit sessions i.e.

Bounce rate really matters a lot it actually defines whether the website is well optimized or not. Most often it happens when the website is not mature and the user is not satisfied with the query result. It takes place in the case of a high bounce rate.

How bounce rate affect

Does the bounce rate matters?

Higher bounce rates mean the visitor is not satisfied enough with the experience and the user did not move to any other page. There are various factors that affect the bounce rate. Of any website since bounce rate is a mirroring of the user experience on the website, it actually impacts the SEO of the website too

Some Important Parameters that affect the bounce rate

1. Loading time of the website is actually one of the biggest factors to higher bounce rate it interrupts the user experience and people don’t want to wait for so long.
 2. Irrelevance: If a visitor landed on a page that he/she wasn’t looking for, then chances are they will leave the website right away.
3. Call to Action Button: CTA button plays a vital role in increasing conversions and helps in greater engagement with the SEO visitor.

How to reduce the bounce rate

 I personally feel that google analytics is the best tool to get website analysis
The first and basic step for reducing the bounce rate is to find the problematic area.

1. On every device or it could be a problem only on one of the browsers. Check those pages on various devices and various browsers to further explore into problems. Check out pages that are showing high bounce rate and low loading speed.

2. Here is a free tool to compress the images without losing the image quality. It actually helps you to improve the size of the image and improve Call to action button (CTA) button, content relevancy, etc.

3. Google Analytics can further be used to understand the cause for the high bounce rate. Bounce rate can be reduced by requiring a constant effort and testing and searching reasons for high bounce rate.

4. This tool also helps you to analyze the overall website speed.

Monday, August 27, 2018

How to make an interesting website | Quantum IT Innovation

Steps to make your boring website an interesting piece of art

Everybody needs to have an astounding site. We need to have the capacity to 'amaze individuals when they go to our sites. We focus on they should love our website so much they'll return and do word of mouth for us or nothing else if just a suggestion.

You must have the capacity to make an essential site that can, in any case, keep your watcher's consideration. There is the various way you can go through this but I have made a complete list of activities you can perform to make an amazing website which stands out in the crowd.

1. Add animation 

when you where the child the only thing that made you excited is the cartoons they make you laugh and bring the creative animal of your outside, similarly apply that same thing in your website add animation in headers section, while showing your products, in the entry of the website homepage and in loads of a new page but always keep in mind never forget about the effects of animation.

its make web pages heavy and lazy which leads to decrease in webpage loading and before even coming to your website customer will move away. Use tool like w3 rocket plug-in.

2. Add images  and videos 

Images and videos have a great impact on our brain and are able to convey any message better and fastly why not to add a flavor it in your content like 

  1. images of the product in a different angle
  2. Images of customer 
  3. video testimonials of customers 
  4. video  

When writing any blog add images in between and to make your blog a bit interesting. 

3. website should have the amazing design

Give a thought when you decide upon how will be the design of your new house you are a bit conscious about it and a lot of research going on where will the rooms and what the convenient way for every member of the house.

Similarly, when deciding upon the website design think of your customers what will be convenient for them to focus on
  1. Header menus
  2. elements of the home page
  3. Lead generation form
  4. Images and videos location

To get a good inspiration on website design see the portfolio of they are one of the emerging website development companies which have mastered the art of amazing website design. see one of the best examples of their recent work on a hypnosis website

4. Take the inspiration- 

every year there are billions of website born some of them are trying new and interesting things to make an impression on a customer by giving an amazing website experience to them so if you feeling empty with creative thoughts so just simply Google it, is SEO will give you the suggestion of best website designs.

Just use the keywords in the search bar related to your industry and get a bucket full of ideas that you can simply replicate in your boring website.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

SEO Service is so crucial - effective SEO services 2018

See why SEO Service is so crucial?
Here are best SEO Services techniques that you can implement right away to increase online search traffic. Getting more visitors should help you to get more leads, Conversion rate improvements and organic customers.

effective seo services

1. Integrate an SEO Audit on your website
Auditing your website will help in identifying the actual reason for not generating enough search traffic and sales.
An SEO audit actually means inspecting the complete site performance, setting new targets based on what you find, and implementing best approach to get desired goals. This process helps to boost your profits by making the best use of the content you already have.

2. Resolve each crawl errors
As per Google, URL errors are" specific errors Google encountered when trying to crawl specific desktop or phone pages." DNS,404 and server errors are common in such examples.
These errors might look naive but they have a huge impact on SEO Services. So, if your website has any crawl errors, your SEO is troubled.

3. Improve Engagement to Improve Rankings
Put more effort in the engagement of user's attention i.e. In SEO terms total time spent by the users on a page.
Although officially it is not stated by Google, there are various depositions to suggest the fact that search engine does rewards sites with higher user engagement with higher page ranking.
As per latest research reports, there is a definite interaction between the bounce rate of a page and its organic position. Webpage bounce rate is inversely proportional to ranked in searched i.e. higher the bounce rate lower will be searched ranking. 

4.  Use Long Tail Keywords in Your SEO Service Strategy
Long tail keywords are those keywords or phrases of keys that specifically describe your products and services rather than other more common head keywords and words.
In general, long tail keywords get less search traffic, but will usually have a higher conversion rate.
The higher definitive your keywords are, the lower competition
you will have to face.
For a brand-new website, to start SEO service campaign long-tail keywords should be the best strategy to concentrate.   

5. Build Backlinks
Linking of a webpage to any other page is called as backlink i.e. it is incoming links to a webpage. Backlinks are most important for every SEO Service campaign success.
Steps to be followed for Backlinks:
a. Keep It proper and related.
b. Concentrate On Real Websites (With Real Traffic)
c. Allots Your Anchor Text brilliantly.

6. Optimize your landing pages
Users do not have that much patience to wait for websites with higher loading time. Higher will be the website load time lower will be the user's interest and attentiveness.
Apart from this if the landing page is not SEO optimized, then that will highly disservice impact.
Get suggestions: SEO plan and pricing

So here are the strategies for optimized landing pages:

a. Your page must have at least 2000 words long.
b. Content must be impactful, straightforward and relevant to the audience.
c. To write landing page must use one or two long-tail keywords.
SEO Services strategies changes so rapidly from one year to the next even monthly that is tough to predict. Digital Marketers and business entrepreneurs have to opt for quick changes and keep your business website edge on compaction.